Footsteps Coaching (Schools) is an experienced football coaching activity for girls, ages 8-11 years old (Years 4-6); with the main aim of improving girls participation into sport and outdoor activities.

An introduction to sport at an early age increases the probability of girls continuing to play sports in the future and sports becoming part of their lifestyle. Many recent studies have shown an incremental decrease in girl's participation in sport over the last 10 years, which is due to the lack of opportunities provided.

From my personal experience; having two daughters; I made it my goal to make sport accessible to those girls who may not have considered football as an option.

At Footsteps we promote an atmosphere of inclusion regardless of ability, which is fulfilled through football, a team sport for everyone; and the reason why football has become the fastest growing girls sport in the US and China.

In addition to increasing girl's participation in sport, we encourage our footstep-ees to have fun and express their personality to help them on a path towards fulfilment.

We have a range of trained coaches who share our passion for developing a child's learning, who themselves find the whole experience truly rewarding.

For further details or to discuss this opportunity for your nursery; Footsteps can be contacted by using our contact us page.